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World Friends Day (WFD)

World Friends Day is an annual event dedicated to people and friendship around the world. It was created by the World Folklore Culture Assembly (WFCA; Sydney) and occurs annually on September 9th.  The idea of World Friends Day is to advocate the unity and love between people, the harmonious coexistence between people and all things. 

In the social relationships of human beings, the most important relationships, besides kinship, is that of family, of husband and wife, and of social friends.  It can be said that the husband and wife build a family, while friends make the world.

Friends are an integral part of the chain of life. On September 9th, the World Friends Day will let the world draw on an exclamation mark for FRIENDS together! It makes 9 the largest single digit number to remind the world to pay attention to and highlight FRIENDSHIP,which is one of our most important connections. It advocates, for people all over the world, that regardless of race or color, to all become friends. All together, the pursuit of the beautiful dream of great harmony throughout the world and to share our good earth and homeland.

World Friends Day Logo: Four hands gripping pattern, symbolizing the world unity of all color and race, love, connected, mutual help and strength.

1. World Friends Day Slogan: Long live friends!

2. World Friends Day Song: Friends Song

3. World Friends Day Etiquette: Friends hug each other, meanwhile mutually moderate pat on the back, cordially and friendly.

4. Congratulatory Gestures at Gathering: Arm forward and thumbs up to show "friends first, friendship long live!"

5. World Friends Day Greetings: Hello, friend!

6. Ceremony of World Friends Day or Friends Theme Activities: representatives or each member holds a 2 meters rope of silk, buckle the rope and link with each other, lift the rope overhead together, sign as friends connected, friendship first.

7. World Friends Day Main Activities: 

This day, a wide range of friends carry out greetings, wishes and gatherings.

On this day, a wide range of activities between people, animals and plants help let love spread throughout the world!

On this day, the whole world advocates to put down resentment, implement NO war and NO fighting!

Wish the world peace and everyone to make friends!

Remember, World Friends Day 9.9 

Festival of People all over the world!

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