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September 09, 2020

In the "three emotions" of human beings,love witnesses happiness, affection maintains family, and friendship linksone's career and the common destiny of human society. Friendship is undoubtedlythe emotional foundation of the great harmony world that mankind yearns for.When "Men from all over the world are brothers, the world will surelyachieve the dream of mankind.


The holy land of Nishan is a vast land of rites.  Today,standing in the holy land, we feel the praise of the ancient sages for thefriendship between human beings, and listen to the voice of the Chinese nationfor a community of shared future for mankind.  From the goodwill of"what a pleasure to have friends coming from afar" to the mind of"be kind to others and expand the circle of friends", this coming andgoing, across the ancient space-time collision, all represent the pursuit ofperfection soul of human beings.


Return to the starting point of history and stand atthe height of the future. The idea of "everyone is friend and all thingstogether" advocated by World Friends Day is exactly the same as followingthe past and learning the present.


The idea of World Friends Day was initiated in Fushun,China and established by World Folklore Culture Assembly (Sydney) ; From thebirth of World Friends Day in Fiji on September 9, 2016 to the successfulholding of the second, third and fourth World Friends Day in Zimbabwe, Malaysiaand Australia in 2017, 2018 and 2019.  The theme of Praise Friendship,Plant Friendship, Convey Friendship and Share Friendship has been sung all overthe world, and the two platforms of cultural and artistic exchange and economicand trade negotiation and cooperation have been blooming with the unremittingpursuit of human spiritual and material civilization.


Great planet grows great life, great life createsgreat civilization, great civilization will brew beautiful emotion.  Startingfrom the love between men and women, human beings have created a familyrelationship that is closely related to each other, and then moves towards thesociety and becomes a warm friendship. This expanding path of human affectionalso shows the trend of human emotion. We believe that "Everyone is Friendand All Things Together" is not only the yearning of human beings, butalso the destination and future of human emotions.


Gold, wood, water, fire and earth, the five elementsis a cycle and continue to grow. When the fifth World Friends Day is tied tothis holy land , it has also completed a self cycle, and the five elementsreturn to the earth. This is a return, a trace and a new start.


 On the road to the future, if human beings choose tobe self hostile or lose the awe of other life and nature, we will be nodifference from choosing suicide and death.


With the holiness of friendship, with the wisdom ofthe sage, with the sincerity of the heart. Let us be friend with people, withlife, with all things and with the world. From here, the World Friends Day willstart again to promote cultural exchanges between countries, strengtheneconomic cooperation, harmonize the feelings of people of all ethnic groups,and promote world peace and development in the form of normalized, thematic anddiversified activities.


Let's pray for the earth home together! Pray for usand all life in the earth home! Pray for mountains, rivers and everything inthe earth home!


Long live my friend! Friendship Forever!


(Writen by : Zhang Jingtao,Translated by: Janet Yan Chen)



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