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September 09, 2020

In  the   "three   emotions” of   human   beings,   love   witn esses   happiness,

affection  maintain s family,  and  friendship  links one's  career  and  the  common destiny  of  human  society.  Friendship  is undoubtedly  the emotional foundat10n of the great  harmony  world  that  mankind  yearns for.   When  ”Men  from  all overthe world  are broth ers"   , the world  will surely achieve the dream of mankind.

The holy land of  Nishan  i s  a  vast  land  of  rites.  Today,  standing  in  the holy land, we feel the praise of the ancient sages for  the friendship  between human beings, and listen to the voice of the Chinese nation for a  community  of shared future for mankind . From the goodwill of "what  a  pleasure  to  have friends  coming  from  afar"   to  the  mind   of   "he  kind   to  others  and  expand   the circle   of   friends”,thi s  coming   and   going,   across   the   ancient   space   time collision , all represent  the pursuit of pe1fection  soul of human  beings.

Return  to the starting point  of history and  stand  at the height of the future. The  idea  of  ”everyone  is  friend  and  all  things  together” advocated  by  World Friends Day is exactly  the same as following the pa st and learnin g the present.

The idea of World Friends Day was initiated in Fushun, China and established by World Folklore Culture Assembly (Sydney) ; From the birth of World Friends Day in Fiji on  September 9, 2016 to  the successful  holdin g of the second , third and fourth World Friends Day in Zimbabwe, Malaysia and Australia in 2017 , 2018 and 2019. The theme of Praise Friendship, Plant Friendship, Convey Friendship and Shar e Friendship  has been  sung  all over the world, and the two platforms of cultural and arti stic exchange and economic and trade negotiation and cooperation have been blooming with the unremittm g pur suit of human spiritu al and material civilization .

Great  planet  grows   great  life,  great  life  creates  great  civilization,   great c1v 1lization will brew beautiful  emotion.  Startmg from  the love  between  men and women, human beings have created a family relationship that  1s  closely related to each other and then moves toward s the society and becomes a warm friendship.   This  expandin g   path   of   human   affection   also   shows  the  trend of human  emotion.We   believe   that   ”Everyone   is   Friend   and   All   Things Together" is not only the yearning of  human  beings,  but  also  the destination and future of human  emotions.

Friend is not the exclusive property of human beings, but also the mterdependence of human beings and other forms of life, even more the mutual knowledge between human beings and  all  things.  Benevolence  i s invincible, life  is  connected,  and  nature  and  man  are  one.    Let  us link  each  other with friendship, link  all beings with  friendship, and link  the nature with  friendship.

Gold, wood , water,fire and earth, the five elements  is  a cycle and continue to grow. When the fifth World Friends Day is tied to this holy land , it has also completed a sell cycle, and the five elements return to the earth. This is a return, a trace and a new  start.

On  the road  to the future,if  human  beings choose to be self  hostile or lose the awe of other life and  nature, we will  be no difference from  choosing suicide and  death.

With the holin ess of friendship, with the wisdom of the sage, with the smcenty of the heart. Let us be friend  with  people, with  life, with  all  things and with the world. From here, the World Friends  Day  will  start  again  to promot e cultural exchanges  between  countries, strength en   economic cooperation , harmoni ze the feelings of people of all ethmc groups, and promote world peace and development in the form of normalized,  thematic  and diversified  activities.

Let's pray for the earth home together! Pray for us and all life in the earth home! Pray for mountains, rivers and everything in the earth home!

Long  live  my  friend!  Friendship Forever'

( Written  by: Zhang Jingtao,translated  by: Janet, Yan  Chen )



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