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The Seventh WFD keynote speech

2022-09-09 12:35:33 World Frinds Day Read

The Seventh WFD keynote speech


Speaker: Zhang Jingtao



Hello Friends,


The autumn colors are all dyed,

and the rivers and mountains are picturesque,

The epidemic is merciless,

but there is love in the world!


On the occasion of the 7th World Friends Day, on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the World Friends Day, I would like to extend festival greetings to friends from all over the world. I wish you all:


Good health and Happiness,

Everyone is friendly, and the friendship is everlasting!


It has been seven years since the launch of the World Friends Day in 2016. I feel a lot in this process. Here, I want to focus on the meaning of three layers:

First, gratitude and many thanks.


The reason why the World Friends Day can come to this day is inseparable from your consistent participation and support. Here, first of all, I want to thank Heaven for letting us meet and get to know each other. I also want to thank you for your selfless help to the World Friends Day! It is the concerted efforts of all of you that make us confident that the World Friends Day will be held one year after another as a lifelong undertaking.

Secondly, we also want to thank those friends who have never met but still give full support to the World Friends Day! Your support has made us see that the strength of friendship, a common emotion of mankind, has strengthened the direction we pursue!


I have thought about the purpose, value and significance of life. I think there is only one purpose in life, that is, "health and happiness". On the basis of this common goal, the value of life is hierarchical. One is the value of small self, that is, to live well and achieve self health and happiness, which is the value and significance of self; The second is medium self, that is, to bring health and happiness to my relatives and friends around me, which is the expansion of my life value and significance on another level. To bring health and happiness to people around me is to practice my value and significance in life; The third is the value of the greater self, that is, to bring health and happiness to the whole society and even the whole human race with our love and ability! This is a kind of sublimation, which is undoubtedly the highest value and significance of one's life!

All of us should become healthy and happy practitioners and creators, and practice our purpose, value and significance.

I'm grateful for all the friends along the way!



Second, the World Friends Day activities have constantly improved our cognition.


At the beginning, I just wanted to create a World Friends Day for all mankind to celebrate together initiated by Chinese people, which was a simple idea. Later, I proposed the pursuit concept of "unity and love between people, and harmonious coexistence between people and everything";

From condensing this idea into the advocacy purpose of "everyone is friend and all things together", to proposing that human beings should learn six kinds of communication, namely:


First, we should learn to communicate with heaven and earth and have a heart of awe;

Second, we should learn to communicate with mountains and rivers, people should have a quiet and beautiful heart;

Third, learn to communicate with plants, people should know how to cherish life;

Fourth, we should learn to communicate with animals and understand their spirituality;

Fifth, learn to communicate with people and love each other;

Sixth, learn to communicate with your heart and ferry yourself with your soul.


From people's attention to "six kinds of communication", to the discovery of human's "three major" emotions, namely: love, family affection and friendship are a gradually expanding emotional process. Friendship is the common emotional destiny of human society and the emotional foundation of the future great harmony world. Without this emotional foundation, it is difficult for human beings to achieve real great harmony!

From friendship to friendly love, today we have reached this cognitive stage, which is a sublimation:

A person treats all things in the world with the true feelings like treating a friend, that is, with the heart of friendship, which is friendly love.


From affection to love, this is a leap of realm. Entering this realm, people's heart will be linked with people's heart; Human destiny will be linked with the destiny of other life; Human thought and behavior will be linked with everything!



Third, it is the development trend of World Friends Day activities in the future.

World Friends Day has its own life and mission since its birth. She wants to grow up healthy and happy, and at the same time, she also wants to bring health and happiness to all her friends.

Therefore, the World Friends Day will follow the thinking of "friendship, mutual assistance, public welfare and sharing".

There will be no permanent organizational structure of the World Friends Day activities. In this way, each activity will mobilize and integrate the most matching resources according to different contents to achieve the best state.


World Friends Day activities do not set up membership, but follow the path of "we are all brothers in the four seas". Just imagine, if membership is set up, non-members can't they become friends? This goes against the purpose of World Friends Day.


Under the framework of the World Friends Day, we will expand clubs with different interests, industries or fields, such as the Culture Club of the World Friends Day, the Entrepreneur Club of the World Friends Day and so on. In this way, we will gather friends with the same hobbies and occupation together, learn from and support each other, and let the World Friends Day serves as a platform to help all friends achieve their wishes!


In the future, the World Friends Day will continue to enrich the daily lives of friends in the form of themed and normalized activities. For example, at different time and space points hold activities such as Literary Friends Conference of World Friends Day, Folk Wedding Expo of World Friends Day and Folk Snack Week of World Friends Day and so on. May the World Friends Day bring you a more colorful life!




The 7th World Friends Day is held in the form of an international poetry (Network) conference in the midst of the constantly fluctuating epidemic. The purpose of the festival is to use poetry to ignite people's passion for overcoming the epidemic, and to tell people that no matter how great twists and turns mankind has gone through, true feelings will always exist and friendship will never end!


May the world be peaceful! May everything be well!


Thank you!

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