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World Frinds Day

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The 5th World Friends Day is another international event after the successful hosting of the first World Friends Day 2016 (Fiji), the second World Friends Day 2017 (Zimbabwe), the third World Friends Day 2018 (Malaysia) and the fourth World Friends Day 2019 (Australia), respectively.


The main purpose of the festival is taking friendship as a link, pass friendship, spread friendship, build two platforms of "cultural and art exchange and exhibition, and economic and trade negotiation and cooperation ", boost the initiative ofOne Belt and One Roadand practice the concept of building a community with a shared future for humanity. After the ceremony of Respecting Heaven and Worship Sages, a series of activities will be carried out, namely : International Forum for the Exchange of Poetry and Arts, Forum for the Development of National Medicine and Great Health Industry, Journey to the Source of Confucian Culture and the Fifth World Friends Day Award Ceremony.

This is a grand gathering of friends, but also a return and a fresh start. "What a happy thing that friends come from afar", the World Friends Day meet the Confucian Holy Land, is the will of Heaven.  After this event, World Friends Day will enter a new starting point, with the deep friendship of the Chinese people, start from the heart again and send love throughout the world.


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